Supreme Courts orders release of Charles Sobhraj

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The Supreme Court today issued an order to release French national Charles Sobhraj,  who is serving time in  prison, on the grounds of his advanced age.

The joint bench of Justice Sapna Pradhan Malla and Til Prasad Shrestha ordered the release of Charles Sobhraj from prison today. The bench has also ordered  to arrange his return  back to his country within 15 days of the order.

According to the order, his release was issued on the grounds of the exemption from imprisonment facility, provided to senior citizen.

Sobhraj filed a writ against the Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Prison Management among others.

As per the legal system, up to 75 percent of the sentence can be deducted from prisoners who are older than 70 years of age.  Sobhraj insisted that the provision should also be applied in case of foreign citizens.

His plea was accepted by the court. The SC stated,  the 78-year-old man, who has served 19 years of imprisonment, was not provided with the facilities immediately. Also, his right to life and right against solitary confinement assured by the constitution were also affected, according to SC.

Sobhraj, also known as the 'Bikini Killer', has been in prison for murder of an American and  a Canadian woman in Nepal four decades ago.


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