PM Dahal Pledges To End Trend Of ‘Photocopying’ Previous Year’s Budget

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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' said that the process to bring about ' significant' changes in the national budget system has been taken forward.

In a discussion with the experts related to development and planning at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers at Singha Durbar today, PM Dahal argued that the traditional budgetary system had been an obstruction to the transformation of the country.

Mentioning that every year new budget would be introduced as the 'photocopy' of the previous year's budget, the PM expressed commitment that the government would prepare budget on the basis of priorities after debating, discussing and soliciting suggestions from all sectors on the government's policies, programmes and budget.

According to him, the policies and programmes would be first sent to public, intelligentsia and people's representatives for their review. "The President will read it in the budget only after finalizing it," he said.

Stating that the questions raised by the thematic experts would be important, the PM clarified that today's discussion was held as a part of the process to revise the policy, programme and framework and schedule of the budget.

Reminiscing that he had assumed the leadership of the government at the time when there was economic crisis in the country and attempts were made to raise questions on the republican system, the head of the government said that he was responsible to resolve the crisis. "I am constantly trying to free the country from the crisis" he asserted.

He added that discussions were held to make three-tier government more effective. "We cannot strengthen the current system until the provincial and local level governments are made stronger. We are serious about it. We must take a leap."

In the discussion held in coordination of the National Planning Commission, experts from various fields had furnished suggestions on the course of actions that the government should determine.

Commission's Vice-Chairperson Min Bahadur Shrestha shared that the draft of the 16th Periodic Plan was being prepared keeping in consideration of increasing production and creating jobs, as he added, that these largely address many issues of the economy.

Participants, furnishing a host of suggestions to the government, said that that the process of picking plans should be stopped from taking in an ad-hoc and access-oriented manner.

They spoke of the need to prepare a plan to transform informal economy to formal and taking into account issues such as trade, finance and foreign exchange liberalization besides mulling increasing the access of majority of people to means of production among others.

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