Tourist Finds Dead Body Under Hotel Bed in Tibet: Report

he noticed a "strong" smell when he checked into his hotel in Lhasa

Himalaya Times
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After a complaint was received about a "strange smell" in Tibet's hotel room, the police authorities found the body, leading to a murder investigation and a suspect's arrest, Shanghai Daily reported.

On a Chinese social media platform, a user wrote that he noticed a "strong" smell when he checked into his hotel in Lhasa on April 21.

Notably, the Chinese tourist arrived in Lhasa on April 20 along with his friends for a visit.

Later, on the evening of April 21, the tourist wrote that he left the hotel to go out for dinner and came back to his room around 10:30 pm. He noticed the smell was much stronger, and contacted the inn staff to request a room change to the fourth floor.

In the early hours of April 22, the police arrived and took the tourist to the police station for the statement where he was informed that the murder took place in his previous room, and a body was found under the bed, according to Shanghai Daily.

The police took DNA samples from the tourist before releasing him.

On April 22, at around 4:50 am, the command centre of the police support team of the Lanzhou railway public security bureau received a report from the criminal investigation division of the Lhasa public security bureau, according to an announcement issued by the Lanzhou Railway.

The report stated that on April 21, the body of a victim named Wang was found at an inn in Lhasa. A suspect had apparently fled in the direction of Lanzhou.

The suspect was found on the K306 train. Taking into account the violent nature of the alleged crime, the Lanzhou police coordinated with the Xi'an police to dispatch five additional police officers to assist in his capture. With careful planning and implementation of the arrest plan, the police successfully appreciated the suspect.

The victim's ID card, mobile phone, and bank cards were found on the suspect, reported Shanghai Daily.


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