NEA Calls Service Providers to Remove Unmanaged Internet Cables

Himalaya Times
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The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has drawn attention of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) of Tulsipur for removing tangled wires.

The NEA drew the attention for the same reaching to the offices of 12 internet service providing companies, including the Nepal Telecom.

Chief of NEA Distribution Centre, Tulsipur, Gyan Prasad Farsal informed a 15 day notice was issued asking the concerned sides for clearing off the cables noting it painted city's ugly picture.

"The deadline given to the ISPs is fast approaching. We have also sent follow-up letter to this effect", he said, adding, "While reaching their offices, some ISPs were found not even opening the letter".

Now the city has a network of old telecommunications lines. The cables are found rampantly hurled in the city due to several reasons, including inaction for removal of internet wire after unsubscribing of net service.

There was an agreement with the ISPs that they would remove the cables on their own noting it had painted a messy picture of the city. According to the agreement, coordination would be made with as many as 12 ISPs, including NTC and Ncell of Tulsipur area to take out unused and unmanaged cables and roll up the functional ones.

He further shared that ISPs however expressed the commitment for managing the cables while drawing their attentions.


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