US investment in Nepal not linked to geopolitics: Samantha Power

Himalaya Times
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Visiting Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Samantha Power, has said that America wants to expand bilateral relations with Nepal.

On Wednesday, Power arrived in Kathmandu for a two-day visit. Power stated that the continuous American assistance in multiple sectors reflects the friendship between Nepal and US. There is no geopolitical influence in the assistance provided, Power said, the bilateral assistance and cooperation would continue in the days to come.

She said, ‘Geopolitics keeps on changing. A lot has changed before and after Cold War. But we are focused on the work, don't connect the US support to Nepal with geopolitical issues.’

We will work together, we do not believe that the US investment in Nepal is a product of any geopolitical dimension. It is a product of the commitment made with Nepal, she added.

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