Over 100 Pharmacies In KMC Fail To Meet Basic Requirements

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The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has said 118 pharmacies operated within KMC are found not following basic standards.

KMC Health Department had carried out monitoring of pharmacies from October 8, 2023. In course of monitoring pharmacies operated in wards 1, 2, 3 and other wards so far, the pharmacies were not found following basic standard.

In course of the monitoring, three packets of anti-rabies vaccines, nine pieces of TT vaccine and three pieces of insulin were seized from Mission Pharmacy operated at KMC-14, said acting Chief of KMC Health Department, Sajina Maharjan.

Most of the pharmacies were found not maintaining temperature required in the vaccine-store room, it was serious negligence in view of public health, shared Maharjan.

After knowing the monitoring situation, KMC Deputy Mayor and Coordinator of Monitoring Committee, Sunita Dangol mentioned that chance could not be given to such pharmacies for improvement.

Issuing a public notice, the KMC in November, 2023 had urged the pharmacies running within KMC to come under the ambit of law as per the existing provision.

The KMC had launched monitoring citing pharmacies neglected the information.

A total of 2,600 medical shops are now in operation in KMC.

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