‘Film Censor Against Creativity And Expression’

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The draft of the Film Censor Working Procedure 2080 BS prepared by the Central Film Censor Board has drawn concerns from the film producers' fraternity.

In a discussion programme held here recently, film director Dayaram Dahal said the proposed draft of the procedure failed to encourage filmmakers.

As he said, the filmmaking community doesn’t entertain the term censor. The matter should be simplified. It should be kept within the jurisdiction of the Film Development Board instead of the Ministry. "The classification of films is needed instead of censor. The concept of film censor itself prevents film makers to work on the project freely. Instead of the external censorship, self-censorship is needed," he reminded.

On the occasion, film director Manoj Pundit argued that the State's direct surveillance in film is unwarranted. He said the proposed draft prevents the production of film in a creative, realistic and independent way in compatible as per time and relevance.

Member of the Central Film Censor Board of Nepal, Rishiraj Acahrya, however, claimed the draft was prepared in accordance with the relevant law. It is for time being- until a dedicated Act is formulated- and it would be taken ahead on the basis of wider consensus.

During the discussions, Film Development Board member Rabi Adhikari demanded the inclusion of experts in the censor board, while the term of each board members should have at least for five years.

"The issues in the Film Censor Board have implications in the FDB. These are different bodies and the FDB is authorized for recommending the film censor," he viewed.

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