Chief Minister Karki Secures Vote Of Confidence

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Chief Minister of Koshi Kedar Karki won a vote of confidence from the Koshi Provincial Assembly, with more than two-thirds majority.

Based on the division of votes, 86 votes were cast in favor of Chief Minister Karki's proposal while five votes were against it from the RPP members of provincial assembly.

Deputy speaker Srijana Danuwar announced that 86 members including 29 from Nepali Congress, 39 from CPN (UML), 13 people from CPN (Maoist Centre), four from CPN (Unified Socialist) and one from Janata Samajwadi Party voted in favour of the of proposal.

Earlier, Koshi Province Chief Minister Karki had presented a proposal seeking a vote of confidence from the Provincial Assembly, as per Article 168 (4) of the Constitution of Nepal and Rule 128 (4) of Koshi Province Assembly Rules, 2074 (including the first amendment).

Taking part in the discussion on the vote of confidence, UML parliamentary party leader and former chief minister Hikmat Kumar Karki said that all the articles of the constitution were used during the formation of the Koshi province government to arrive to the current situation. Stating that the current option is the best to work together and strengthen the federalism, he clarified that his party will give a vote of confidence to save the culture of consensus, cooperation and unity.

Likewise, leader of Congress Parliamentary Party and former Chief Minister Uddhav Thapa, Leader of CPN (US) Parliamentary Party and former Chief Minister Rajendra Kumar Rai, Durga Chapagain, on behalf of Maoist Center Parliamentary Party, said that they will vote in favour of the proposal for political stability and development.

However, leader of RPP parliamentary party, Bhakti Prasad Sitaula, said that his party will oppose the vote of confidence. He said the RPP will support the good deeds of the government and go to the people to criticize the bad works.

Chief Minister Karki said that he would appreciate the vote of confidence to bring good governance and prosperity to the province.

Deputy Speaker Danuwar shared that the meeting of the Provincial Assembly has been adjourned until further notice.

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