Correlation Of Our Thoughts And Health

The human body has the effect of thought waves, whether good or bad

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  • Satya Raj Joshi

When the body is unhealthy, then the mind is also disturbed. As soon as any physical pain occurs, mental pain also occurs. This is known to everyone. Just as the external physical condition affects the mind, so the mental thoughts also affect the body and health. Very few people understand this serious element.

Despite the invention of many new miraculous medicines to eliminate physical diseases, the spread of diseases is increasing. The main place of disease is the mind and the mind has the power to remove the disease. Every human being has a unique tool to remove all diseases. However, humans remain the main victims of the disease. The effect of our thoughts and desires is imaginable on the body parts and cognitive tissues. Only a few think about this topic. A wise man gives special counsel and enthusiasm to the use of thought power to increase the amount of health and happiness, because thought is subject to man. Therefore, people should always try to become righteous by using them.

If your friend is sad, send him your best wishes. Sit alone and send waves of strength and happiness to his body and soul. Thinking of good wishes for others increases your health and happiness. The human body has the effect of thought waves, whether good or bad. So if you want to maintain your health, purify your thoughts only then you will benefit from the best life. If you want health, first of all make your physical chariot pure, holy and clean.

Health is the natural life of man, but only the health of the body is not complete health; the health of the body, mind and soul is complete health. Every person does not know how to keep all three healthy. Those who know this can keep themselves healthy without medicine.

From the highest researches of the present time, this is becoming well established - the root of diseases is not in the body, but in the mind and emotions. Unless both of these are purified, the disease can never be eradicated.

There is a lot of harm from bad thoughts. So never have any kind of bad thoughts in your mind, pay full attention to this matter.

A woman always thought and felt about illness. Even if she had a minor illness, she would make it worse. “I used to pretend that I was sick”. Because she had this nature. Even in her neighborhood, if any doctor came, she would show him the wrist and cry in front of the elders. Those simple people sympathized with his pain and this gave him satisfaction and he found it like happiness to talk about his imagined pain. By doing this, even a small disease can be aggravated, while walking on the road. Again, her children also became of the same nature due to association defects. That is why she had to suffer a lot in his old age. Her influence was not only on his children but also on her neighbors. Because women have a great taste for imitation. Similarly, as many people die from epidemic diseases, more people die from the fear of epidemics. So, gentlemen! There is a lot of harm from bad thoughts. So never have any kind of bad thoughts in your mind, pay full attention to this matter.

Simple ways to stay healthy
1. Always be happy. Let the joy in your heart spread all around so that those who are with you are also colored in joy. Due to irritability and depression, the shape of the mouth deteriorates, digestive power also deteriorates, health and beauty are destroyed. So try to laugh. Humor increases lifespan. Therefore, always be engaged in joy.

2. Give up guilt, vision and ego. Become an observer and learn to see the good in every good thing.

3. All kinds of success depend on confidence. Always make your mind pure and perfect. Never accept bad thoughts of others. The body and morale increase from the thoughts of truth, determination, purity and happiness.

4. Be silent. Don't talk in vain. Give up self-praise. Peace is the best sign of great men. Do every work peacefully. Subdue your desires. Never get excited, because of this the thinking power becomes weak and dull. He who performs daily tasks with a calm, concentrated mind can be done in a short time and with little effort, and his whole day is spent in joy. Excitement over small things disturbs the peace of mind and causes great harm to the body and leads to death in a short life.

5. Treat everyone with love. "God is equal in all beings." Have faith in this. "I can do anything." Keep this faith. Such thoughts will increase strength and affirmation in your body. Because as you feel, you will become. There is a rule of human science - that which arises repeatedly in the mind turns into a belief. As you believe about yourself and your body, the same symptoms will appear.

(Excerpted from Khaptad Baba's book 'Vichar-Vijnana' published by Khaptad Ashram Publications Committee)

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Bharat Chand
Bharat Chand
2023-10-31 3:37 pm

“That is why she had to suffer a lot in his old age.”
This is a simple sentence taken from your write up. A story of woman you have highlighted has many mistakes.
What kind of English is it that has focussed no area of grammar?

In case you missed it