People’s Movement Victim Mukesh Passes Away

He could not walk and talk, and was confined to his home ever since he was injured in the movement

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People's movement 2006 victim, Mukesh Kayastha has passed away on Wednesday night. He was 32. He could not walk and talk, and was confined to his home ever since he was injured in the movement.

Following complications in his health, he was admitted to Banepa-based Scheer Memorial Hospital, where he breathed his last, said Hira Sharma, Chairperson of the Mukesh Foundation.

Mukesh got injured during the second People's Movement at Teendobato, Kavre on 9 April, 2006. He was shot by a bullet in his left temple.

The kayasthas' only son Mukesh from Banepa Municipality-8 in Kavrepalanchok district was 15 years old when he was injured. He was a eighth grader at Bidhya Sagar School in Banepa.

In 2078 BS, the Warriors, Achieves and Respect Committee of Democracy led by then the Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali honoured him as a 'Warrior of Democracy' and appreciated his contribution to the people's movement. He was also known as the 'Living Martyr'.

The government waived loans of Rs 700,000 taken by his family. It had also been providing Rs 15,000 per month for his medication, and had managed a health worker for his care.

He completely stopped talking since one year. He was being fed through tube feeding. The Kayastha family did not lose their hopes on him. "Mukesh's right hand and both lets were immobile since he fell sick. We had a hope that he could be cured," said Mukesh's father Krishna Man.

Lately, Dr Gopal Raman, who works at the Mediciti Hospital, was attending to him. Four youths from Kavrepalanchok were killed in the movement and 40 others were injured.

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