RSP Suspends MP Shrestha Over Leaked Audio Recording

For the time being, only suspension has been enforced while we await the outcome of the investigation

Himalaya Times
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The Rashtriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has suspended MP Dhakakumar Shrestha following the release of an audio recording of him seeking 20 million rupees.

According to Santosh Pariyar, the head whip of the party's parliamentary party, Shrestha was suspended after the audio tape was revealed.

"We also listened to the audio."

"We suspended him after hearing the audio," he said, adding that if he is found guilty, we would take further measures. According to the legislation, he may also face penalties.

But, for the time being, only suspension has been enforced while we await the outcome of the investigation."

The audio recording of MP Shrestha seeking money from Durga Prasain, a healthcare professional, has been leaked. Shrestha is heard claiming the party has stated that appointing him as health minister will cost 25 million rupees.

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