RSP MP Shrestha Arranges Pact of Rs 20 Million to Lead the Health Ministry: Audio Released

Himalaya Times
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An audio tape has been made public, claiming that a Rastriya Swatantra Party MP arranged a deal with healthcare professional Durga Prasain to become health minister.

Dr. Dhakakumar Shrestha, a member of Parliament, has informed Prasain that he needs to pay a fee to the party in order to become Health Minister. He requested assistance, claiming that he had been asked for more than 25 million rupees but did not have the funds.

MP Shrestha demanded the owner of B&C Medical College for money after declaring that he was going to become health minister, for which he had to pay the party 25 million rupees.

MP Dhakal is heard claiming in the recording, first obtained by, that his party would take over the health ministry and that the leaders have asked him for 25 million rupees in order to be the minister.

The phone call appears to have taken place before the RSP went to the government. Prasain has promised to provide two million rupees.

"I guarantee you 20 million rupees," he continued, "but you must also help me later."

In response to Prasain's question about the money reaching Rabi Lamichhane, Shrestha states, "Rabi sir has not been in front; there are two or three friends of his who have stated the money will go to the party."

When Prasain later asks if Toshima would fight, Shrestha responds, "All rights have been granted to the president." Anything he says will come to pass.

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