Vegetable Farming Gives Fine Returns

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A local Dambar Bahadur Bista has been getting good returns from vegetable farming at Dipnagar of Shuklaphanta Municipality-11 in the district. He has run well his family with the income.

He is a commercial vegetable farmer- grows vegetable in more than 10 katthas of land throughout the year and earns Rs 200 to Rs 500 thousand annually.

"I produced 12 quintals of potato in two katthas of land this year alone, thereby earning Rs 48,000," he shared, adding that even tomato farming has earned Rs 50,000.

There is still some tomato in the field to collect for sale. Rs 30,000 was made by selling green vegetables and chilies.

He informed that he gradually learnt modern farming which, he hoped, helped him make more produce. Bista has however not got any training on modern farming. "I learnt by seeing how other farmers cultivate land and make produces," he said, adding he even observed how the Indian farmers grow vegetables.

In the beginning, farmer Bista sold vegetables in the community by bringing it from Indian market. "It cost a lot to carry vegetable on bicycle- border security used to hassle. So, I decided to produce and sell vegetable on my own."

According to him, it took one year for him to understand well how cultivation could be done effectively. He gradually got the idea and materialized, which resulted in good harvest and huge income later.

In additional to family spending, the school fee is also managed well with the income made by selling vegetables. Local market is enough for the sale.

"I'm planning to expand the area for vegetable farming," he shared the plan. Bista suggests that Nepal should increase domestic products like vegetables to reduce the import.

Similarly, training to farmers and availability of agricultural tools, pesticides, improved seeds and chemical fertilizers are essential to increase production.

In this connection, chief administrative officer at Shuklaphanta Municipality, Tikendra Raj Bhatta, said the municipality was increasing budget to agriculture every year in a bid to create jobs and make farmers commercial. "The budget for agriculture last year was only Rs 1 million, while it was increased to Rs 5 million," he informed.

He also shared that agriculture profile of all 12 wards from the municipality was being prepared.

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