Preparations for Vice Presidential Election Complete

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All the preparations for vice-presidential election taking place on Friday have completed.

The voting process for the election of vice-president is scheduled at the Federal Parliament Building from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, according to the Office of the Election Officer. Lhotse Hall of the Federal Parliament Building has been set as the voting centre.

Assistant Election Officer Amrita Kumari Sharma said, "All preparations for the election have completed. Ballot papers have already reached the voting centre."

The Electoral College comprises members of both Houses (the House of Representatives and the National Assembly) and the Province Assemblies. The federal parliament has a total of 332 members, and the Province Assemblies 550. An arrangement of separate voting centres has been made for the members of the Federal Parliament and Province Assembly.

The weightage of a vote cast by a member of Federal Parliament will be equivalent to 79 whereas the weightage of a vote cast by PA will be equivalent to 48.

Arrangements have been made to count vote shortly after voting, said Sharma.
"Vote count will take place shortly after voting. We have made arrangements to public poll results by 6 pm that day."

Article 67 of the Constitution of Nepal provisions a Vice President in the country. Vice President shall be assigned to look after affairs in the absence of President, according to the constitution. If a person who holds a political office to be filled by way of election, nomination or appointment is elected Vice President, their such office shall ipso facto be vacant. Tenure of Vice President is five years.

This is the third vice presidential election since the country adopted republic system in the federal democratic republic system in 2008.

Paramananda Jha was elected first Vice President of the federal Nepal.


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