Unification with Like-Minded Parties Possible: Madhav Nepal

Himalaya Times
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Chairperson of the CPN (Unified Socialist), Madhav Kumar Nepal, has said alliance would be made with the parties having similar ideology.

Inaugurating the District convention of the party organised at Melamchi today, Chair Nepal shared there would be unification with parties having similar ideology to improve country's economic condition.

He laid emphasis on the need of unification to strengthen economic condition, adding there was no possibility of unification with the parties not accepting their mistake.

Mentioning that the incumbent alliance was formed among the parties to protect constitution safeguarding the republicanism, the CPN (Unified Socialist) Chair opined, "The incumbent alliance was formed keeping the current situation of the country in mind. Protection of the constitution and improvement in country's economy are the common agendas of the parties associated with the incumbent alliance."

He laid emphasis on the need of unity among the communist parties having similar ideology as communist are still popular in Nepal.



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