Conflict Victims Complain of Not Getting Justice Yet

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Conflict victims of Banke district have complained that they have not yet got justice.

At an interaction, 'Human Rights and Humanitarian Situation', organised by Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), Lumbini, they urged to heal the wounds from the armed conflict period even by finding a middle path.
Saying only the victims could feel the pain of disappearance of their family members, Chairperson of Conflict Victims' Society, Chandra Kala Upreti said there is problem in death registration of the disappeared persons.

Similarly, Yek Maya BK, Chairperson of Conflict Victim and Single Woman Network, Banke, mentioned that conflict victims are still in problem, adding there is no belief that conflict-victims would get justice.
"The conflict victims are still in agony. But it seems that they will not get justice," she opined.

Likewise, Chairperson of INSEC, Dr Kundan Aryal, said that though the sides to the conflict have successively, the conflict victims have not got justice and reparation.

He shared the transitional justice has not been able to reach its conclusion as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons have been made weak.

Saying only the real victims feel the pain of conflict, Chief District Officer of Banke, Bipin Acharya, shared that the home administration should be alert about the issues seen in jail.

Lecturer Rabindra Karna suggested making the sexual violence cases occurred during conflict period as the issue of human rights while legal prosecutor Pralhad Karki said human rights were also violated in course of investigation.

On the occasion, Coordinator of INSEC, Lumbini, Bhola Mahat, shed light on the issues of human rights violation in Lumbini Province.

Out of 2,018 cases of human rights violation from state sides in Lumbini Province, 1,006 became victims in women rights violation cases and 2,042 in child rights violation cases, according to INSEC, Lumbini Province.


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