Protecting the Constitution and Democracy on Top Priority: Presidential Candidate Poudel

Himalaya Times
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Senior Nepali Congress leader Ram Chandra Poudel has said that he considers the matter of protecting and upholding the constitution and democracy, which he fought for his whole life, to be the most important responsibility as the head of the state.

One of the two candidates vying for the post of the third President of Democratic Republic of Nepal, leader Poudel said, "The president has an important role in protecting the achievements to date including the constitution and democracy, as the presidency is an important actor to help safeguard the constitution and democracy."

It may be noted that leader Ram Chandra Poudel is contesting for the ceremonial post of the Head of State representing the eight-party alliance, including his party, the Nepali Congress. In the March 9 election, Poudel is contesting against Subas Chandra Nembang of the CPN-UML.

Nepali Congress leader expressed the belief that along with the support of the eight political parties, public opinion would help him win the election, as people are aware about his contribution in the long struggle for the cause of the nation and democracy.

Stating that the responsibility and challenge of the present were concentrated around institutionalizing the constitution and the republic, he stressed that there is fundamental difference in the characteristics of the Head of the State of a Republic and the Head of the State represented by the monarch in the past. "I will try to exhibit that difference, as I am clear about what should be the difference between the conduct of the Head of State of the past and of today." he said.

The President is the guardian of the constitution and a position to promote national unity. This post has special importance but it has its own limitations because in our political system the executive authority rests with the Prime Minister, and the President acts on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers led by the Prime Minister.

Leader Poudel also said that the president or the prime minister is not a position that is something extraordinary but is only a leader among the people due to official responsibility. "This is how I take this position as it should be in a real and complete democracy and republic. All people in the society are equal and independent."


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