More People Turning to Ayurveda in Baglung

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People's faith has lately increased in ayurvedic medicines. An Ayurveda hospital (Dhaulagiri Ayurveda Hospital) in Baglung bazaar, the district headquarters of Baglung, has been drawing a sizable number of patients, and the number is increasing day by day, said the hospital's information officer Ekraj Dhungana, adding that this has happened after COVID-19 pandemic. Elderly patients and patients with chronic diseases have dominated the patients visiting the hospital, he said.

Most of the patients visiting the health facility are those with stomach problems, he said. "People's faith has increased in ayurvedic medicines," he said.

The hospital received increasing number of patients in the past three years. It received 16,247 patients in the previous fiscal year, 2021/22 against 12,583 in the FY, 2020/21 and 7,154 in the FY, 2019/20.
It provided treatment to 7,430 in over seven months of the current FY, 2022/23, he said.

It received highest number of patients (1,320) during mid-July and mid-August, 2022. Patients with acid reflux, piles, respiratory problem and blood pressure visited the health facility, said the hospital chief Dr Saroj Kumar Raya.

The health facility has launched various awareness programmes relating to yoga education, introduction of medicinal herbs and healthy lifestyle. This has led to increase people's interest in ayurvedic medicines, he claimed.

The hospital has received around 35 patients on a daily basis, he said, adding that it provides 23 of 95 types of medicines recommended by the Department of Health Services. "Side effects of ayurvedic medicines are minimal as compared to other medicines. The use of ayurvedic medicines has increased due to people's awareness. The government has prioritised Ayurveda," he said.


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