Process to hand over land ownership to landless begins

Himalaya Times
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The National Land Commission Office, Khotang has initiated a process to hand over land ownership to the landless squatters, Dalit and unsettled inhabitants.

As many as 779 landless people have so far submitted applications to the office for attaining land ownership. All 10 local government units of the district have submitted details of landless to the Land Commission after completing due process to that end.

The applicants across the district include 149 landless squatters, 50 landless Dalit and 590 unsettled inhabitants.
The Land Commission had solicited applications from the target beneficiaries on last August 17. Applications were gathered in two phases.

Land Commission Chair Suresh Kumar Rai informed that the landless people would be provided with land ownership after the Land Revenue Office probed and established clear identities of the people eligible for land acquisition.


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