Earth like planet discovered just 72 light years away

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An international team of astronomers has confirmed the existence of K2-415b, an Earth-sized exoplanet circling an M dwarf star, just 72 light years away from Earth. According to a report by, K2-415b has a lot of similarities to Earth.

Size of the newly discovered planet, that appear to have an atmosphere, is very close to the Earth's, though it has a much higher mass.

It circles much closer to its host, taking just four Earth days to make one orbit. Such a close orbit puts it a little too close to be considered habitable, despite the host star being much cooler than the sun, the report said.

There might be other planets orbiting the host star, hence K2-415 star-system will be in focus for further researches.

In the ongoing effort to find out if life is present outside Earth, they look first for near enough stars that seem suitable for hosting planets that might harbor life. Planets can be detected orbiting such stars by the tiny bit of wobble planetary gravity exerts on the stars.

Next, the location of the planet relative to its star is determined. Also, the amount of light that is blocked by the planet can be used to calculate the planet's size. Also the distance of the planet and from its sun is calculated to figure out if it is habitable or not.

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