10 Party Alliance Attacked the Spirit of Constitution: Shakya

Himalaya Times
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Vice presidential candidate Ashtalakshmi Shakya has said that by not proposing a woman as vice president after electing a male president is a set back for the constitution.

Speaking to media persons at the vice presidential polling venue on Friday. She said that she filed the nomination vice president out of necessity. She stated that while serving as Vice President precludes her from working on political issues and may engage on issues such as social reform.

"This is a question of need more than my pleasure," she explained. This is not a position of authority, but it is one of dignity. Even if you are not allowed to stay active in politics, you can work in areas such as social reform. I am confident that I will win. Even if ten parties join forces on one side, the constitution now requires that no male candidates be elected, she added.

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