test confirms greater concentration of iron in drinking water

Himalaya Times
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Water supplied by four drinking water projects based in Madi municipality in Chitwan is found containing excessive iron than requirement.

The issue was identified during a lab test by a team from the Federal Drinking Water and Sewerage Management Project, Bharatpur.

Issues of murkiness and excess iron were found in the water supplied by Gardi, Baghauda, Kalyanpur and Kharkatta drinking water projects, according to chemist Yogendra Narayan Dev.

The National Drinking Water Quality Standards recommends 0.3 mg/l as the limit for iron in drinking water. But it was measured at 0.5 mg/l in the waters being supplies in Madi. This is harmful for human health, it is said.

It is said such projects are found supplying water without filtering. More, the natural quality of water has got changed after the 2015 earthquake as well, according to Dev.


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