Call to bring reopened Tatopani transit into full operation

Himalaya Times
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The CPN (UML) Sindhupalchok has submitted memorandum drawing the attention of Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bishnu Paudel on Friday to bring the Tatopani transit back into operation.

Finance Minister Poudel was requested to create an environment of dialogue, understanding and trust with the Chinese government to make the Tatopani crossing reliable and operational.

The delegation also demanded budget necessary for the reconstruction of the road and bridge of Jure-Kodari section of Araniko highway. Special programs for the economic recovery of the trade and business sector, which were closed due to the earthquake and the corona pandemic, should be carried out.

Standing committee member Tamang said that the Finance Minister took the request positively and pledged to take the initiative to bring the Tatopani transit back into full operation.

Tatopani of Sindhupalchok is connected by a historical border crossing with neighbouring China, but has been closed many times since the 2015 earthquake.

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