Tamu people have a glorious identity: PM Dahal

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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said glorious traditions achieved by the Tamu community and their ancestors by bravery deserve recognition from all.

In his address to a special ceremony organised by the Tamu Hyula Chhonjha Dhi Gurung National Council, Kathmandu to observe the ‘Tamu Lhosar festival, 2022’ today, the Prime Minister said the Tamu community had their own unique and historic identities.

“The Tamu people have a glorious identity which was achieved by their integrity, dedication, faith, hardship, bravery and sacrifices,” the Prime Minister said, adding that not only the Tamu people but the entire Nepali community took pride in the celebration of the Lhosar festival.

Stating that his attention was drawn towards the suspension of economic support to the Tamu community from the government, he announced to resume it and increase the assistance amount, too.

PM Dahal shared, "I am aware that previous governments had also provided financial aid to Tamu Lhosar. I had assured of providing financial assistance at a time when I was Prime Minister for second time. This time I will make the financial assistance double this time and provide it."

Saying Nepal is multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and culturally-diverse country, he mentioned unity in diversity is the identity of Nepalese.

Nepal's identity lies in real identity of all nationalities, classes and communities, added PM Dahal. People from Gurung Community have been celebrating Tamu Lhosar across the country today.


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