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A person infected with the coronavirus died today. According to the Ministry of Health and Population, coronavirus was confirmed in 106 people today , after testing 2,436 samples.

The Ministry of Health and Population has appealed to all to stay aware and alert in view of the growing cases of coronavirus infection. Further alertness is essential because number of infection was likely to grow for more days.

A pharmaceutical company has announced that vaccines for cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, and other conditions could be ready by 2030, according to The Guardian.

A special meeting of ISPA's chairman, board members, chief executive director and others decided to improve internet quality as per global standard by internalizing the goal of digital Nepal framework set by the government.

NRB stated that the foreign exchange reserves of the banking sector is sufficient to cover the prospective imports of 10.9 months, and merchandise and services imports of 9.4 months.

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