Farmer’s affliction

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People involved in agriculture are farmers. Our scriptures considers farmer among five patriarchs. The five patriarchs include father, father-in-law, guru, king and farmer. They are considered equivalent to father because father gave birth, father-in-law gave daughter, king dispelled fear, guru gave education and farmers because they feed the world. In ancient ages people considered farming superior to business and job. Despite being important, agriculture as profession is being neglected continuously. Earlier, most people were depended on agriculture, but nowadays people are involved in various professions. Only old people are left in country as most young people has moved abroad. This move has affected agriculture as no manpower is available.

Fields of Nepal are barren and are turning into forests that leads to the danger of wild animals. Farming in a limited area is no longer enough. Nepal used to export food but now, commercial farming is done only in some areas, with it’s own limitations. As farming essentials like seed, fertilizers and pesticides are not available in time. If government invests on providing essentials for farmers on time, production will definitely increase.

It is indisputable that production will increase if better irrigation arrangements are made. We are aware of Nepalese people working abroad in farming sector. If similar work is to be done here, Nepali people as well as individuals or groups involved in the business can benefit. The farmers are also not getting proper market for the produce. We are still practicing traditional agricultural system. It is prevalent in Nepali society to share their produce among neighbours.

Therefore, if a someone produces a commercial product in a village, the villagers expect it to get for free. There are some products that require immediate delivery and market. It cannot be stored for long. While some of them can be dried then stored, their market value does not remain the same as fresh. Tubers like potatoes and ginger can be kept for a few months. Dairy products should also be sold and distributed on time.

Plain lands for farming are mostly in rural areas. Such plots are rarely found in urban areas, but consumers live in urban areas. So various problems arise while bringing the produce to the market. Farmer himself cannot reach the market and the consumer himself cannot reach the farmer's field. That is why middlemen begin to dominate. In such a market-oriented financial system, he is the ruler. Farmers have to settle in low price, while consumers are forced to buy at high prices. To relieve the farmers from this situation, the government should be able to arrange the transportation and set prices for the produce.

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