Quality control is a must on food for children

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Food is essential for human beings. Not only humans, every creature in this world need food to live. Food is necessary for both animals and plants. Childhood is the most sensitive period of life. The physical and mental growth of a child is directly dependent on the food eaten by the child. Children who receive proper nutrition during childhood can lead an active and healthy life ahead. Immunity against diseases is also better in them. On the contrary, the mental and physical growth of children who suffered from malnutrition at an early age cannot be reversed.

A person always gives attention to his/her body, if it is unhealthy or underdeveloped. Depression, anxiety, and disappointments encircle the person. This results in improper functioning and underdone works. Therefore, on the global level every country should focus on management of malnutrition. For developed countries, this may not be such a daunting issue, but for developing and underdeveloped country like ours, it can be a challenging task. The issue of providing food is itself a challenge for us, let alone providing nutrition to children. We are not being able to pay attention to whether any food is nutritious or not, all that matters now is to feed the hunger.

We have limited resources to provide them with nutritious food, so there is no option but to get satisfied for feeding a child. Therefore, many children are suffering from malnutrition. There are a lot of data that reflects their poor physical and mental development. Our local food has enough nutrition content, but we are attracted towards packaged food and junk food, which is also contributing to this problem. Consumption of indigenous and organic produce should be made priority as they are nutritious and free from adverse effects.

All the nutrition needed for us are present in them. They are easy to digest and have a positive impact on children’s physical and mental development. When human started civilization and adopted agricultural system, they started to consume wholesome and healthy food. They continued this for a long time, but due to the sudden leap of modern science and technology in the world since the last few decades, the way of traditional agricultural system has also changed. Not only the method of farming but the tools used also have changed.

Nowadays, agriculture is based on machines. Its direct effect is on the output. Use of chemical fertilizers, advanced seeding, pesticides among other things has changed the entire agricultural system, in order to be easy and productive. But, the more humane the system was, the healthier it was. Nowadays, children are attracted to ready-made and packaged foods. Junk food is loved by children because it has an addicting taste that children enjoy.

However, they are not only deficit in nutrition but are also harmful as they use harmful chemicals, dyes etc.  In such a challenging situation, it is tough to maintain the quality of food especially for children. Government has approved the order to quality check the food for children according to determined standards. As of now considering this  move as a positive action and expecting its implementation is reasonable for now.



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