Postage Stamps Printed Within Country After 64 Years

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The government has been able to print postage stamps within country after 64 years.

Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, affixed the first day cancellation mark on 11 types of postage stamps. The stamps were printed at Janak Education Materials Centre.

The Department of Postal Service published the postage stamps bearing the images of martyr Rambriksha Yadav, leftist leader Sahana Pradhan, literary figure Netra Lal Paudel, democratic fighter Kami Budha, Shreebala Tripurasundari Devi Temple, five medicinal herbs including 'marethi', and silver jubilee of Nai Publication.

Department's Director General Pradip Adhikari informed that it printed 8 million copies of postage stamps showing national figures, medicinal herbs and religious shrines. Earlier, the postage stamps were printed in various countries as India, Indonesia and Latvia.

Minister Sharma observed that stamps would contribute to inform present generation about the significant people, places and things of the country.

Similarly, former minister Dinanath Sharma observed that government had done well by printing the postal stamps on the people playing significant roles in various political movements for the change in country.

Former minister Ram Kumari Jhankri viewed the present generation could learn from the contribution made by the previous generation to ensure federal republic in Nepal.

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