‘Shambala’ Competing In Berlin Film Festival For First Time From Nepal

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'Shambala', the Nepali movie directed by Min Bahadur Bham, has been selected to compete in the Berlin International Film Festival-2024.

This marks Bham's second entry into the international film festival scene, following his successful debut with 'Kalo Pothi (The Black Hen),' which garnered various international awards.

In the prestigious world film festival scheduled from February 15 to 25, a total of 20 movies, including "Shambala," will be vying for recognition in the international films category.

Bham expressed that the film, which took eight years to complete, owes its success to the tremendous efforts of the film production unit. Initially titled 'Chiso Barsha,' meaning 'Year of Cold,' the movie was later renamed 'Shambala'. The narrative unfolds in both Nepali and Tibetan languages.

This is the first time a Nepali movie has secured a spot in the Berlin Film Festival.

The storyline revolves around an expectant mother from the highlands who embarks on a journey with her husband's younger brother in search of her husband who has left her.

The movie was filmed at altitudes ranging from 4,200 to 6,000 meters in Dolpa, a district in Karnali. The script was a collaborative effort between Bham and Avinash Bikram Shah. Thinle Lhamo, Sonam Topdra,Tenzing Dalhal, Karma Shakya, among others are starring in the this movie.

According to Bham, 44 drafts of the film were prepared before giving its final shape. As he said, the film will be competing in other film festivals as well. However, its release in Nepal has not been scheduled yet.

Bham's short film 'Bansulli' is the first Nepali short movie selected for the Venice International Film Festival.

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