NTA Seeks Replies From Internet Service Providers In Regard With TikTok Ban

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The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has directed internet service providers to respond whether they have implemented the government decision to ban TikTok, the social media app.

Issuing a public notice today, the NTA has sought the submissions of replies within the next 24 hours, warning that failure to do so may result in the cancellation of their licenses.

According to NTA deputy-director and information officer, Surya Prasad Lamichhane, earlier too, a notice was issued to all internet and mobile service providers, requesting information about the status of the implementation of the government's decision to prohibit TikTok. However, as of now, the NTA has not received any updates on the matter.

The government officially decided to ban the use of TikTok through the Cabinet meeting on November 13, citing its 'negative impact' on social harmony.

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