National Tax Day: 5 Million 525 Thousand Taxpayers Acquire PAN

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The National Tax Day is being celebrated for a week beginning today. The theme of the Day is - "Clean, Transparent and Technology-friendly Tax Administration: Social Justice, Economic Prosperity and Good Governance."

It is said that various programmes related to tax-payer education would be organized at the Inland Revenue Department and offices under it for a week, and the outstanding tax-payers will be awarded on November 23.

A total 84 offices, including a big tax-payers office, one medium level tax-payers office, 43 inland revenue offices and 39 tax-payers service offices, are functioning under the Department.

According to the Department, number of taxpayers acquiring business and personal PAN was 5.525 million till the fiscal year 2079/80 BS.
Of them, number of taxpayers obtaining B-PAN was 1.876 million while P-PAN was 3.649 million.

Of the total Rs 957 billion revenue collected in the fiscal year 2079/80, Rs 479 billion revenue was collected by the Department which was equal to 50.12 per cent of the total annual revenue collection of the government.

The government had given a target to the Department to collect Rs 626 billion revenue in the last fiscal year, it collected Rs 479 billion revenue, according to the Department. The contribution of inland revenue is around 20 per cent of the gross domestic product of the country.

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