Himalaya Times National Daily To Contribute In Earthquake Relief Assistance

Himalaya Times
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The Himalaya Times National Daily hosted an event in Baneshwar, central Kathmandu, to exchange greetings on the occasions of Dashain, Tihar, Nepal Sambat 1144, and Chhath.

Himalaya Time's adviser and Nepal Women's Pressure Group President Kalyani Shah noted at the program hosted by editor Sandeep Paudel that the national daily has a proud history but has encountered obstacles to continue and grow forward. 'We have reached this day amid various ups and downs, it has its own proud history, the challenge of the present is to carry forward this legacy with more strength,' she added.

Similarly, Editor-in-Chief Purushottam Dahal while addressing the program said that Himalaya Times has been presenting itself more aggressively in recent days. He assured that democracy and nationalism are at the heart of this publication, and that workers' differing viewpoints must be set aside once they reach the workplace. He went on to say, "We may belong to different ideological groups outside, but after entering the gate of the office, only democracy and nationalism should be kept as priorities."

Executive Director Ujjwal Sharma stated that everyone in this family has an equal obligation to maintain the organization's history up to date. He expressed sorrow over the loss of many lives as a result of the recent tragic earthquake in the country's western area and stated that in this scenario, the organization will also give some assistance to the survivors.

He thanked the employees of this organization for their cooperation in making the decision to contribute to the Prime Minister's National Disaster Fund for earthquake relief. He also stated that the organization will contribute to the money generated by the employees and deposit it in the fund.

The majority of the organization's members attended the program. The Himalaya Times has been organizing the program every year on the occasion of the significant festivals.



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