Prime Minister’s China Visit A Complete Success: Foreign Minister Saud

Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Saud has described the official visit of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' to China as fully successfully

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Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Saud has described the official visit of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' to China as fully successfully. A member of the Prime Minister's delegation, Minister Saud said that the Prime Minister's visit was successful from both economic and diplomatic point of view.

He said that the bilateral meetings held with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Qiang were important and the agreements reached between the two countries were also in favor of Nepal's interest and economic development. "The outcome of the 13 agreements reached between the two countries, including the agreement to open all the traditional border crossings will benefit Nepal in the future," he said.

The Foreign Minister said that during the visit it was agreed that both countries will work through a joint team for inspection in the border area. In order to reduce Nepal's trade deficit with China, agricultural products can be produced and exported to China. For this, he said, an important agreement has been reached to introduce advance methods of breeding of yak, cow, and other domesticated animals in Nepal. "This agreement is an important issue in the context of the development of the agricultural sector and it will help export Nepal's agricultural produce to China and open up agriculture-based industries in Nepal."

Minister Saud said Nepal has been taking initiatives with the Chinese government for subsidy in some exportable products for a long time and discussion held to a positive light in this regard is an achievement of the visit.

Stating that the President and Prime Minister of China gave high importance to Nepal during the visit and Nepal also clearly put forth issues regarding its interests and concerns at the highest level, Minister Saud said intensive discussions held on various issues has created a new understanding between the two countries.

"The Prime Minister was given a guard of honor in a formal program. A joint statement was issued covering important matters of mutual interest between the two countries. Both the President and the Prime Minister gave due important leading to a new understanding. Hence, I regard this visit as fully successful," he said.

However, the current priority is the economic aspect and Nepal benefitting from China to become economically strong is an important and strong aspect of the relationship between the two countries.

According to Minister Saud, the visit to Kailash Mansarovar during the visit was not only to see the place but also to promote Nepal's religious tourism. On-site study of the area was carried out to create a suitable environment for millions of Hindu pilgrims from around the world, including India, to visit Kailash Mansarovar.

Minister Saud said that in addition to Simkot in Humla, Urai in Bajhang and Tinkar in Darchula are also being studied for accessible road to reach from Nepal to Kailash Masarovar.

China wants to help Nepal in the fields of agriculture, technology and other areas of investments, so this visit was also fruitful to increase understanding and advance necessary diplomatic initiatives towards that, said Minister Saud.

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