11 Earthquakes Struck Bajura In A Year, Hundreds Of Houses At Risk

Along with Himali Rural Municipality of Bajura, Tajakot Rural Municipality of Humla shares a similar risk

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Bajura has been jolted by 11 earthquakes in a single year. According to the National Earthquake Measurement and Research Center, Bajura felt the most quakes in a year, 11 times.

The earthquake that struck Gaumul Rural Municipality on January 24 killed one person and displaced many. The earthquake of 5.9 magnitude occurred in Vichchayan, Himali Rural Municipality. The most affected were Himali Rural Municipality and Gaumul Rural Municipality.

The earthquake completely damaged the majority of the houses. Many inhabitants have fled their houses and are sleeping under the stars at night, said Hari Bahadur Rokaya, Chair of Gaumul Rural Municipality. Rokaya stated that tents have been provided to the families who are now shelter less, however the provision for vulnerable family is not arranged.

570 houses are at risk in the rural municipality, which has 1,650 families. According to the municipality, all 570 households' occupants have been relocated. Some of the houses have been damaged, while the majority of the buildings are fully broken, putting the residences at jeopardy. Similarly, in Himali Rural Municipality, more than 40% of the houses are at risk.

Budhinanda Municipality, Badimalika Municipality have also reported the collapse of many houses.

The residents of Bajura are growing concerned as a result of the regular earthquakes.

Raj Bahadur Bhandari, Chief Administrative Officer of Himali Rural Municipality, shared that he too has spent a few nights under the open sky.

Along with Himali Rural Municipality of Bajura, Tajakot Rural Municipality of Humla shares a similar risk.

Although all nine municipalities are affected, Gaumul and Himali Rural Municipalities are the most vulnerable, according to Chief District Officer Pushkar Khadka. Khadka adds that efforts are being done to collect risk data from each municipality.

On one hand, the earthquake has ripped apart the houses; on the other hand, many people are at risk of being uprooted owing to the threat of floods and landslides.

Despite the fact that earthquakes occur often in Bajura, there is no public education campaign, said Tulsiram Rokaya, Head of District Coordination Committee.

Bajura also faces significant danger of other natural disasters like floods and landslides.

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