KMC To Halt Screening Of Hindi Films Including Adipurush from Monday

Mayor Balendra Shah directed to forbid all Hindi films being shown presently from running in the halls

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The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is to prevent the screening of Hindi films including Adipurush in the cinema halls within the KMC starting Monday.

KMC Mayor Balendra Shah directed to forbid all Hindi films being shown presently from running in the halls by mobilizing the security personnel. There are altogether 17 cinema halls within 32 wards of the KMC.

Taking to social networking site here today, Mayor Shah rued, "Three days ago, we had appealed to the concerned parties and authority to remove the dialogue carrying an objectionable message included in the original part of the Hindi film Adipurush that said Janaki is daughter of India."

Shah further wrote, "There is no doubt that it is the first and foremost duty of every government, government agencies, non-governmental agencies and Nepali citizens to keep Nepal's independence, sovereignty and dignity intact thereby ensuring nation's welfare."

Furthermore, the tricenarian mayor cited that the Article 5 and Article 56's clause (6) clearly outlines the responsibilities of the federal, provincial and local government towards protecting the national interest.

Stating that if this film (Adhipurush) continues to be shown, he said it was bound to incur irreparable damage to Nepal's nationality, cultural unity and there would be attack on the country's national luminaries.

It may be noted that Sita, the daughter of king Janak, is enlisted as one of the national luminaries in Nepal.

Mayor Shah in his message in the social networking site mentioned that the KMC's serious attention had been towards the cultural invasion made by that movie over Nepal.

Considering the risk of that very film establishing the illusionary fact regarding nationality of Princess Janaki among the people if the film is allowed to run unabatedly, the Mayor said that the ban on the "all" Hindi films comes into effect within the KMC from tomorrow morning.

After the instruction from the mayor, the city police were deployed from today itself to ensure the ban on the Hindi films in the halls of the KMC coming into effect from tomorrow.

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