Lawmaker Demands Downsizing Of HoR

Lawmaker Devkota pointed out the need of curtailing the size of HoR

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Lawmaker Khim Lal Devkota has demanded downsizing House of Representatives (HoR) reasoning that it was huge. Putting forth his views during post-budget deliberation at the National Assembly meeting today, lawmaker Devkota pointed out the need of curtailing the size of HoR.

He viewed that the budget introduced for the fiscal year, 2080/81 was still focused on centralized thoughts and mentality. The programmes relating to President and Prime Minister block the programmes proposed by most of the ministries.

Although it was positive to scrap the offices recommended by the public spending review commission, government was not effective in handing over fiscal rights to the province and local levels. Lawmaker Devkota further argued that federal government thinks that it is the master, thereby botching up enforcement of fiscal federalism. He expressed grave concern over the collusion of both ruling and opposition parties to restore already ditched constituency infrastructure development programme.

On the occasion, lawmaker Bamdev Gautam said although the budget was positive, it always suffers implementation.

The budget had no destination, aim and objective, lawmaker Bhairav Sundar Shrestha asserted.

Lawmaker Dil Kumari Rawal Thapa blamed that it failed to set a clear target.

Likewise, lawmaker Goma Devi Timilsina said although the budget was allocated for development works, quality aspect was not considered. There was gross misuse of agriculture grants.

According to lawmaker Durga Gurung and Sharada Devi Bhatta stress must be laid for effective implementation of the budget.


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