Development Of Democracy Possible Within A Democracy: PM Dahal

Prime Minister Dahal has made it clear that democracy and republic will not be justified unless the quality of life of the common people is improved

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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said that the development of democracy is possible within a democracy.

In a message of best wishes today on the occasion of the Republic Day today, Prime Minister Dahal has said that the present government is working to institutionalize the political changes achieved through great struggle and sacrifices and transforming the country from a least developed to a developing and developed one.

"Constitution and republic are becoming widely accepted, basic services are being provided to the people through the enforcement of fundamental rights, rights of marginalized communities of different class, caste, language, religion, region, gender and culture are being established which is laying a strong foundation for the republican system to be institutionalized,” he has said in the message.

Stating that the day today should be remembered as a historic day that lead the political history of Nepal to a new era, he said the struggle for ending the dynastic feudal system and establishing a people's system was never easy. "Today we have become respected and sovereign citizens of a free, sovereign and democratic country.

Today, the country is being run by people's representatives elected by the people. It is a matter of pride to have constitutional guarantee for equal rights and opportunities and status to all Nepalis without any discrimination."

The Prime Minister has said that economic, social and cultural transformation of the Nepali people is the essence of the current system. Hence, the attention of all parties, including the government should now be focused on fulfilling the objectives of the republican system.

"Unity and cooperation between all political parties and the Nepali people is necessary for the institutional development of the federal democratic republican system."

Stating that it is natural to have different opinions and ideas in a democracy, he however said that the country can move forward and the foundation of national unity strengthened only if all political parties and the Nepali people have the same and undivided opinion on important national issues.

Prime Minister Dahal has made it clear that democracy and republic will not be justified unless the quality of life of the common people is improved and unless they can easily exercise their full rights in the constitution and law.

"It is necessary to stand firm in favor of good governance while building a socialist-oriented self-reliant economy as specified by the constitution."

In the message, the Prime Minister has also wished that this day would inspire everyone to follow the path of truth and justice shown by the martyrs and realize the dream of building a beautiful, prosperous and equitable Nepal.

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