National Consensus Must To Resolve Problems: PM Dahal

all political parties and their leaderships should be united to address the problems surfaced on economic and social fronts so as to ensure good governance and prosperity

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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said all political parties and their leaderships should be united to address the problems surfaced on economic and social fronts so as to ensure good governance and prosperity.

Responding to the queries made in the ongoing parliamentary discussion on the government policies and programmes on Saturday, PM Dahal stressed the need of national consensus that helps to build unified perspective to resolve national problems and address people's need and aspiration.

"In a way or other, national consensus is imperative," PM Dahal said, adding that political unity will enable us to cope up with existing problems, corruption and aberrations.

He shared that government's attention was drawn towards entire anomalies in the country. Money laundering is taken as a serious issue, while equal attention is paid to revenue sector which needs correction and reform. All parties' support and cooperation is required for the reform, he stressed.

Dahal reminded that his third stint as PM had both challenges and opportunities. Time has come for 'self-correction' and reflection, he stated, "I am feeling that I am going through ordeal now. I've resolved to commit myself for good governance, social justice, and prosperity."

He further viewed all sides' cooperation is essential to make successful the prosperity drive. PM Dahal was of the view that he felt the government and people were connected and together at present.

The PM said that parliament is a platform to explore recommendations after holding constructive interactions in the interests and concerns of the country and people.

The PM argued that all should shift their focus on making our democracy further robust and cultured. PM Dahal reiterated that the current government is firm on working for the cause of good-governance, social justice and prosperity by addressing the country's current challenges.

Likewise, the PM said the government's policies and programmes have prioritized the issues of long-term importance along with its commitment made to the international community and periodic plans as well.

Responding to the queries of the lawmakers, PM Prachanda stated that the policies and programmes document has outlined the government's policy-level priorities, and other detail programmes would be addressed through the budget.

The policies and programmes have translated the national aspirations and have forwarded concrete programmes with firm determinations in making a just Nepal by safeguarding national sovereignty, territorial indivisibility and national interests.

Furthermore, the PM argued that the policies and programmes have incorporated the issues to strengthen federalism, revive economy, modernize and commercialize agriculture, promote industrial sector and scale up production and employment.

PM Prachanda also vowed to bring special programmes in new budget for increasing agricultural productions and create employment, and this shall create new atmosphere in all 753 local levels.

He stated that timely completion of the development projects, access to public service and quality enhancement, reforms in governance, corruption control and social justice, and law and order are the key issues that have been duly addressed in the government's policies and programmes.

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