Loktantra Diwas Being Marked Today

Loktantra Diwas, that commemorates the restoration of the House of Representatives (HoR), is being observed across the country by organizing different programs

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The 17th Loktantra Diwas, that commemorates the restoration of the House of Representatives (HoR), is being marked across the country by organizing different programs on Monday.

The Day has the importance as the people’s rights, snatched away by the monarchy, were reinstated regained on the backup of the April Uprising on Baishakh 11, 2063 BS.

A certain rebellious attitude of people towards the monarchy had started after King Gyanendra became chairperson of the Council of Minister on Magh 19, 2061 BS.

An environment for the people’s movement was created after the 12-point agreement between the then agitating seven parties and CPN-Maoist on Mangsir 12, 2062 BS.

People’s Movement-II peacefully ended the 250-year-old monarchy in Nepal after the joint movement of the then seven political parties and rebel CPN-Maoist.

Nepali people opted for the republican system in which they have the choice to select the head of the state on their own. Likewise, the People’s Movement-II has institutionalized the people’s call for federalism, inclusiveness, proportional representation, and secularism.

The people’s movement was for reinstatement of Parliament dissolved on Jeth 8, 2059 BS and end of autocratic monarchyPeople got rights along with reinstatement of the dissolved parliament on Baishakh 11 after the movement comprising tens of thousands of people led by the then President of Nepali Congress, Girija Prasad Koirala, took the street.

The reinstated HoR on Jestha 4, 2063 BS had suspended the monarchy and entrusted the Prime Minister with the responsibility of Officiating Head of the State.

With many ups and downs in the political course, the country witnessed the historic comprehensive peace accord for the peaceful resolution of the decade-long insurgency. Based on the same peaceful political roadmap, the country got a new constitution in 2072 BS by promulgating it through the Constituent Assembly (CA) that was obtained after citizens’ massive sacrifices.

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