Mayor Balen Shah’s Back-to-Back Social Media Outrages

Himalaya Times
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Balen Shah, the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has been posting angry status updates throughout the day. He has chosen social media to voice his outrage towards political leaders.

On his personal Facebook account, Mayor Shah stated that he does not respect the government established by India and China. He also questioned the federal government as to when Nepal might gain independence. In his post, he stated, "I do not have any respect for the governments established by China and India. When will Nepal get independence?" When will you announce your presence? 'Don't you feel embarrassed?'

Mayor Shah also stated this morning that if the country needed to be cleaned up, the leaders should be dumped in Sisdol, a landfill in Nuwakot. He wrote, "The rubbish of Singha Durbar will not be picked up today." If the country truly needs to be cleaned, the leaders must be dropped in the Sisdol.

In a different social media post, Shah reminded everyone that doing business on the sidewalk is prohibited and that the regulation should apply to everyone, not just regular people. Mayor Balen Shah, who has been in a rage since early this morning, has also posted photos of police bits, claiming, It will be unacceptable if the Nepal Police, which administers the legislation, builds its own infrastructure by breaching the roads." The structures should be removed by the police themselves, he added, or we will be obliged to demolish those structures.

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