Rainfall to decrease from today

Himalaya Times
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The continuous rain that has been falling for a few days will decrease from today. The weather is gradually improving from the western region and there will be improvement in the weather across the country starting today, Meteorologist Sanjeev Adhikari at the Hydrology and Weather Forecast Division said,

"Continuous rain will stop from today, but the possibility of light to moderate rain will remain in some parts of the country," he added. There is a possibility of windstorm in few places of Madhes and Lumbini provinces this afternoon.

Last night there was heavy rainfall in one or two places of Koshi, Madhes, Gandaki and Bagmati provinces and now it is raining in few places of Koshi province and one or two places in other provinces.

The Division has said in its weather bulletin that there is a possibility of light to moderate rain in Kathmandu Valley today.


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