Despite Ups and Downs, President Bhandari’s Commendable Actions During her Tenure

She has drawn criticism for failing to act in a neutral and parental capacity while holding the position of head of state, while also receiving praise from some for her historic actions in support of nationalism and the national interest

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The President's Office "Sheetal Niwas," has bid farewell to outgoing President Bidya Devi Bhandari. The departing President Bhandari was bid farewell on Monday as the newly-elected President Ramchandra Poudel took over.

Newly elected President Ramchandra Paudel, Vice President Nandakishor Pun, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, acting Chief Justice Harikrishna Karki, National Assembly Speaker Ganesh Prasad Timilsina, and others bid farewell to outgoing President Bhandari.

The retiring President Bhandari received a 21-gun salute from the Nepali Army. In October 2015, Bhandari won the presidency for the first time. The initial term lasted roughly 22 months. On March 13, 2018, she was chosen to serve a second term. On March 9, a presidential election was held, and Ramchandra Paudel was chosen as the winner.

There were many highs and lows during Bidya Bhandari's time as the second and first female president of the Republic of Nepal. Bhandari ran into controversy near the end of her term. Numerous analyses of Bidya Bhandari's presidency are currently being conducted. She has drawn criticism for failing to act in a neutral and parental capacity while holding the position of head of state, while also receiving praise from some for her historic actions in support of nationalism and the national interest. How successful or unsuccessful her tenure was will be judged by history. She will be remembered in Nepali history, but with both praise and criticism.

Refusal to ratify the Citizenship Bill

By refusing to ratify the Citizenship Bill passed by the House of Representatives toward the end of her term, President Bhandari gained notoriety. Most people have praised this President's action as a stand for nationalism. On July 29, 2079, Bhandari sent the bill that had been approved by the House of Representatives back with nine messages. The ruling coalition at the time decided to pass the bill once more and send it to the President for confirmation because they disagreed with the President's decision. The legislation was swiftly passed following completion of the House of Representatives' procedure. So much so that 83 MPs spoke during one meeting, and it was quickly passed and sent for confirmation.There is no clause or idea in the constitution that allows the president to send back a bill that has been sent back for a second look. Bhandari did not, however, certify that bill. She was so certain that she would resign rather than approving the bill. She even made her unofficial opinion about the decision public. The bill lost its legal force when the House of Representatives' term ended and the 15-day window to confirm the bill sent for a second time ran out.

Rashtrapati Mahila Utthan Program 

Hundreds of expectant women were saved after Bhandari was elected President thanks to the "Rashtrapati Mahila Utthan Program," which was launched based on her idea. The "President Chure Protection" program was initiated under Rambaran Yadav. Even though both programs are run by the government, the President was interested in starting them. Bidya Devi Bhandari called the then-prime minister KP Sharma Oli and the finance minister Bishnu Paudel for a cold call after she was elected president and proposed a special package for saving the lives of mothers and babies who died prematurely during childbirth. A special program was announced through the Nari Utthan program for air rescue of women, especially in remote rural areas. Following the implementation of the program, thousands of women's lives in rural areas have been saved.

Initiative to acquire  covid vaccine

During the Covid pandemic, Bidyadevi Bhandari, who acted in the parental capacity as president, assumed the position of head of state. As the head of the state at a time when the world was in upheaval, Bhandari called the most powerful people on the planet and begged for assistance. After King Birendra, a high-level visit to China was made possible thanks to Bidya Bhandari. We must not overlook the parental role played by Bidya Bhandari, a trusted leader of Nepal. Xi Jinping provided free vaccines to Nepal from China following a private phone call and email exchange. The President also spoke to the leaders of India and Russia for the same.

Significant contribution to the preservation of the arts and culture

The outgoing president, Bhandari, deserves praise for her support of nationalism and for helping to preserve Nepali art and culture. As president, Bidya Bhandari made an indelible contribution by visiting religious monasteries, temples, chaityas, Shakti Peeths, and especially by defending Buddhist and Hindu temples. The President also urged stakeholders and the government to safeguard and restore our heritage. The protection of Sanatan Dharma is what secularism is defined to be in the Constitution itself, so the President has done a good job in that regard.

Maintaining high reputation on the global stage

Bhandari upheld the honor and dignity of the presidency. During her trips to friendly and neighboring nations like India and China, she made an effort to elevate the position of Nepal.  She garnered international attention for her work in the campaign to include 33 percent of women's rights and establishing a law granting daughters equal rights to inherit property. Nepal now proudly has a presence at the UN thanks to Bhandari's speeches and lobbying at various common international platforms, including the UN.

It is a matter of pride for Nepal that the President of Nepal, Bidya Bhandari, is among the most powerful women leaders in the world, alongside Angela Merkel. She also drew the attention of the nation's government and called for international collaboration in the fight against climate change.


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