Action Against PM Dahal Voilation of Free Expression: Maoist Centre

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Himalaya Times
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The CPN-Maoist Centre has stated that the writ to be filed in the Supreme Court against Party Chair and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda,' over his People's War remark is "against freedom of expression."

Dev Gurung, the party's general secretary, said in a statement issued on Sunday that the party has taken serious note of the Supreme Court's ruling to lodge a writ against Prime Minister Dahal.

According to the Maoist Centre, launching a criminal prosecution in the Supreme Court based on Prachanda's declaration of "holding the moral responsibility of 5,000 out of the 17,000 persons killed during the People's War" is absolutely "against the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression."

The Supreme Court on Friday ordered the court administration to register the writ against Prime Minister Dahal.

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