Vladimir Putin Plans “Mass Suicidal Attacks” on Ukrainians: Report

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning to order “mass suicidal attacks” by the country's army in Ukraine, a report claimed.

The order could be in place for the next three months, The Mirror reported citing a confidential assessment of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which claimed "Putin’s offensive is stuck in a rut created by shocking military weakness, failure, incompetence, death and injury, he may resort to this decision."

The report comes amid rising Russian losses, claimed by Ukrainian military intelligence to have topped the bloody 150,000 milestone just a year after Moscow launched a full-scale invasion.It comes  just a year since the full-scale invasion launched.

The report claimed that Putin faces three scenarios according to experts- the worst being that Russia's actions could threaten more of the country's neighbours with attacks. The second is that Ukraine reaches a breakthrough with the help of arms deliveries from the West and the third could be that Russia's invasion could collapse following a “creeping Russian military stagnation and domestic loss of faith in Putin’s war.”

Thus far, the Russians have been unable to properly organize a combined weapons attack or provide significant logistical support for a breakthrough. The Russian Army has not practiced this in 30 years and looks to be incapable.

“The main ground forces’ tactic remains the near-suicidal mass infantry attack with inadequately trained troops under cover of heavy artillery," it added.

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