Issues can only be discovered after full implementation of the constitution: PM Dahal

Himalaya Times
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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has urged for the implementation of the Constitution as the political system and the constitution are dedicated to the interest of people.

On Thursday, addressing a program organized by the Election Commission,Prime Minister Dahal said, “We have achieved our constitution after huge sacrifice and movements. It is also a document of political consensus and agreement, as we struggled for almost 70 years. There may be different views on some issues, but it is our responsibility to honestly implement the constitution."

"Only after the full implementation of the constitution we can come to the conclusion of its issues ", he said, "let's implement the constitution first. Then review the result. The limitations of the Constitution should not be discussed without proper implementation.”

 If we proceed with the review now, political instability may occur, he furthermore added.

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