Which god is to be worshipped on a Wednesday

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In Hinduism, every day of the week is dedicated to a particular god. Apart from observing fasts on festivals, most Hindus fast for one or two days a week and worship the deity dedicated to the day.

It is believed, if you pray and worship a certain god on that god's designated day, better things are experienced.

According to Hindu scriptures, Wednesday is the day dedicated to the planet 'Mercury'.

Vitthal-dev (incarnation of Krishna) is especially worshiped on this day.

Wednesday is considered very auspicious to initiate new work. Also, it is believed that those who fast and worship Lord Krishna on this day will get their desired results.

It is necessary to offer ghee and milk while worshiping Krishna. Also, while fasting, one should eat a dish that incorporates milk once a day.

 What to do on a Wednesday?

- Donating moong  (green gram beans) on Wednesday relieves suffering.

- Offering laddu to Ganesh especially on Wednesday is considered to be fruitful for those who have the influence of       planet Mercury in their horoscope.

- Offer tulsi leaves to worship god.

- A person who gives green grass to cow especially on Wednesdays is blessed by all the gods and goddesses.

-  Religious texts suggests that offering sindoor (vermilion) to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday helps to achieve one’s          desires.


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