Rasuwagadhi transit: Over 300 new vehicles imported in six months

Himalaya Times
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More than 300 new vehicles have been imported into Nepal from China through the Rasuwagadhi transit in the past six months of the current fiscal year, 2022/23.

The total 350 imported vehicles include 132 electric cars, 82 electric vans, 11 Hilux vehicles, 78 fuel cars and two loaders, said security personnel posted at the transit.

Most of the imported vehicles have yet to go through the customs process, and they have been kept at Ghattekhola and Timure near Rasuwagadhi.

Similarly, five trucks full of readymade clothing, materials related to hydropower, motor and electric parts, telephonic materials, fruits and furniture have been imported during the same period.

Although transportation through Lehendekhola Miteri Bridge, the transit between Nepal and China, has halted since COVID-19, the Chinese side has been helping transport goods to Nepal on Chinese number plate vehicles with the help of Chinese drivers.

Over 2.9 billion in revenues has been collected from the imports of the goods, said Narayan Prasad Bhandari, chief of the Rasuwa Customs Office, Timure.


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