National Unity and Reconciliation Day being observed

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Reconciliation Day is being observed today to commemorate the return of the first elected Prime Minister of Nepal, BP Koirala to the country with a policy of national unity and reconciliation.

On Poush 16, 2033 B.S., i.e. 46 years today, Koirala, who was also the founding leader of the Nepali Congress, was joined by other leaders including Ganeshman Singh, Shailaja Acharya, Khum Bahadur Khadka, Rambabu Prasain and Nilambar Panthi, who took the policy of national unity and reconciliation and return to the country leaving their life in exile for about eight years.

After the royal coup by the then King Mahendra on 1st Poush 2017, Koirala, the first elected Prime Minister, was imprisoned in Singha Durbar for about three months before being transferred to Sundarijal prison. Koirala was released for medical treatment after eight years in 2025 B.S.

Following his release and treatment Koirala started political activities in India against the autocratic panchayat system. However, eight years later he decided to return home with the policy of reconciliation.

Upon return home, Koirala, leader Ganeshman Singh and others were arrested and imprisoned again in Sundarijal jail.

The Nepali Congress and its sister organizations are celebrating the National Unity and Reconciliation Day by organizing a variety of programs across the country. The Sundarijal jail now turned into the BP Museum is also scheduled hold a program to mark the occasion.


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