Home Minister Lamichhane pledges to work under no pressure or influence

Himalaya Times
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Newly-appointed Deputy Prime Minster and Home Minster Rabi Lamichhane has pledged to work with determination to maintain law and order in the country without anyone’s pressure and influence.

After assuming his office at the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singha Durbar on Monday evening, he said the administration would focus its works on the responsibilities for maintaining peace and security.

Noting that emphasis would be laid on establishing a working culture based on law and system, he expressed his commitment to work in line with the directive of the Prime Minster without coming under any pressure and influence.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister also articulated his commitment to deliver his performance in an independent and free manner. “I would work with emphasis on how the general public is feeling law and order in the country”.

“The issues concerning livelihood of the general people would be my priority”, he added. Lamichhane also said he would work on boosting morale of the organizations under home administration.

Home Minister Lamichhane further said while working as a journalist before turning into politics, he had found the home ministry to work mostly to address the issues of public concern. He argued that he had chosen the home ministry to address the pressing needs.

The Home Minster added that he would carry out his performance freely without discrimination against anyone. He expressed commitment to dispense justice to the people through the home administration.

Saying that they have joined the government based on the shared understanding to work with common policy and programme, he pledged to raise voice within the government to address people’s aspirations.


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