Life At A Brick Kiln [In Pictures]

Himalaya Times
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Not every narrative is the same. Some people have simple stories, while others have comparatively complex ones. Every work should be respected. While looking for such stories, some got captured in the brick kiln.

Due to rains bricks are not produced during the monsoon season. As brick kilns only operate during the winter months, workers arrive on a seasonal basis each year. After the rains, they return to the brick kilns as winter approaches.

The majority of the brick kilns here are frequented by Nepalese and Indian laborers. Despite the introduction of new technology, the world of brick kilns continues to operate in traditional manner.

There have also been techniques for making bricks in various ways. Muddy soil is required for brick-making. The bricks are formed into mounds of clay, placed in a frame, and heated. A brick kiln employs a large number of individuals to produce the bricks.

  • Nepal Photo Library

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